Forex169 – Limit the risk

Rule number 1 is to limit risk.
Don’t focus on the goal, focus on the journey.

Our results – all verifiable.

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The big boy (XL1) is not yet open to outside members due to the large entry point and legalities. This will change in the new year.

We don’t set a specific weekly goal but if we average 4% per week then we are more than happy. There are many “forex schemes” out there offering “1000% return in a week!!” and the such like. Get yourself down the casino; boom AND bust.

Using the rule of 72 then a 4% return in a week compounded will mean you could double your account in 18 weeks. We think that is fucking awesome.

We generally trade around support and resistance levels with the odd moving average and pivot point thrown in. Don’t ask for any more info as I don’t want to offend! 🙂

We are also building an EA to automatically replicate the above two accounts but it is some time away before we feel it can go live. We only risk our own money testing.

Contact us if you have any questions or have a story to share.

Forex currency trading is high risk with no guranteed return. Do not risk any amount that will affect your lifestyle. Typically only invest 10% of your available savings.

You have been warned!